Thursday, 30 July 2009

Thoughts On Books: Ink Exchange ~ Melissa Marr

Okay, so it wasn't really like anything I'd write at all.

I was a bit disappointed by it, to be honest.

The writing wasn't particularly good and felt a bit sloppy in places, and some of the characters were bipolar.

I read it to the end, though. On the positive side, I did like a few characters, especially Niall, and I'd blame him for the fact I kept reading - because he was so awesome.

It was also very readable. I got through it in less than 2 hours (and I haven't read anything in AGES), so it wasn't a bad story for a quickread ;) I think more definitely should have happened in it, but hey, it had a good moral message at the end. Unfortunately, I'm a bit too old for anything that dares to be even a little preachy.

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