Tuesday, 21 July 2009

#3 Writing: Eyes are not Precious Jewels

Seriously, do you ever look at someone and think: her eyes look like amethysts?

It's not too bad if it's an inhuman character but if you add in the purple prose description...It's also another reason to hate elves. People love giving elves 'sapphire' and 'ruby' eyes.

I've been in love, but I've never looked into a boy's eyes and thought they were sparkly like jewels. Maybe murky, or in-between two colours, or I might notice that tiny bit of lighter colour around the edge that makes them look brighter, but this is far from the realm of jewels.

They may be the windows to the soul, and we naturally seem to have grown fond of talking about them...but please, spare me the precious eye-jewels, and the ones that go crimson with rage.


  1. I take it that average colors work fine for you? I did write a character with a stellar theme around her. I described her hair and her emotional reactions by comparing her with different astronomical objects.

    I done the crimson eyes bit as well, but said character eyes and hair changes color with mood and her weapon/power is fire, so...yeah.

  2. I refuse to even give eye colors for this exact reason.

  3. @ralfast: Average colours are good. Mood-colour-changing eyes...oh no you didn't.

    @mel: Readers don't pay much attention to physical descriptions anyways. It's a subjective thing after all. If you say 'green', not everyone sees the same shade.

    If you don't give them colours, they'll just fill it in with a random colour of their choice.

  4. Couldn't help myself. Maybe I should have left with the hair. Seemed appropriate at the time.

  5. So... I just died of giggling at this blog post. I was seriously thinking about this the other day going ... I wonder if they would really go "Wow, your eyes are like topaz!" or some such nonsense.

    Reminds one to always strive for ingenious ways to describe something seen everyday like it is being seen for the first time.

  6. Oh.
    I am guilty.
    But some people DO have jewel eyes. I know a kid who has these amazingly hunter green/emerald eyes. :P